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There are 2 options to mitigate the Radon Gas from your residence. The first option is called “sub-slab depressurization”. This is used when you have a basement with a concrete slab. Holes are drilled into the concrete slab at various points and the gas is removed from the home with PVC piping and a fan. Piping goes through the wall and is released above the eave of the house. Based on the test reading that revealed the presence of Radon Gas in your home, the location and number of holes in the floor is determined by the estimator. A typical installation can range from $1,100 to about $2,500.

The second option is the use of a Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) air exchanger. Generally, this method is used if there is a dirt floor in the basement. The HRV unit is attached to the joists and PVC piping is used to remove the radon gas from the home and vented above the eave. This option can be slightly more expensive than the sub-slab method due to the expense of the HRV air exchanger. For more information, please visit EPA.gov.

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